Welcome to Laufer’s gift packaging wholesaler website!

Laufer’s gift packaging company has been running since 2000 and based on many years’ experience we offer a wide selection of bulk packaging products to our retailers.

We take pride in our selection of gift packaging that can meet all sorts of customer needs from wedding gift boxes to custom printed bags and gift boxes for rings or color wrapping paper rolls designed for children. We look forward to serve our customers, so please take a look around in our website.

Our day-to-day work at Laufer’s gift packaging wholesaler is to deliver high quality gift packing to the counter of our retailers, who can also make their customers and clients happy.

It is a priority for us to keep in touch with our partners to maintain the best relationship and to preserve our customers’ confidence. One of the many reasons why we created this website is that we can easily show to our partners the variety of our products or the available discounts and this way make their decision making and purchases more straightforward. See our biggest Hungarian retail partners here.

Once again, we welcome you in the world of Laufer’s gift packaging.

We hope to have you soon as a business partner too.

Laufer Imre

Laufer and Co. Bt.
Address: 1035 Budapest, Bécsi út 267.
Mobile: + (36) 30 995 3741


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